(MARRS-RX7) Tick Tock

Kevin Hutchens kevin
Sun Mar 6 01:23:07 CET 2011

Sweet as bro!  Congrats on getting yourself ready for an awesome season.  I
wish I was there to swap some paint with you.


Get a lot of rest the night before school, you will need it (especially if
it is a double school weekend).


Zoom zoom...


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Well its getting closer to show time. Car is pretty much good to go thanks
to  Bret and a credit card lol. But its good to know its in good hands. I'm
going to run the Fatt on the 11th to shake the cob webs out then a week
later its time to go to school and see how much I don't know.( i'm sure
theres alot)  Stil some stuff to figure out yet but it will be good to go.

Danny Matula
Some Gave All Racing
540 295 7694

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