(MARRS-RX7) Realistic budget and lifestyle for a racer?

Kevin Hutchens kevin
Wed Mar 9 02:12:31 CET 2011

A rough guess for the season for me (assuming you are working on your own
car and don't do a practice day):


Entry fees (each weekend): $200

Gas (weekend): > $50

Beer/food/etc: $50


Pads/rotors/bearings: $200-300 (would last about 2 events if no practice

Tires/mount/balance/etc: $500 (would last 2-3 events depending on how I

Transmission/other breakage: $300 (something had to be replaced every 2-3
events or so)


I look back on my first season and figured I spent at least $10k on the full
season, and this was with a lot of spares that I got with my car.


You can do it all, but you have to be serious about it, ask Mr Ade, he
somehow pulls it off (but I bet living AT the track makes it a little






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What is a realistic budget per season for Spec7 racing?
(Include event entry fees, tires, shocks, fuel, other consumable items.)

Is it possible to juggle young kids, a day job, and racing?
(In my late 20's... Looking like the wife's gonna want kids within the next
two-three years.)

Looking less and less like I'm gonna be out there any time soon.

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