(MARRS-RX7) Realistic budget and lifestyle for a racer?

John Uftring john
Thu Mar 10 03:08:26 CET 2011

What dave said below is the best advice. Decide what you want out of  
your racing and go for it.

I decided some time ago that racing is a way for me to not stay at  
home all the time and I have a good time racing. There was one season  
I decided I wanted to get better. I did like 6 race weekends (VIR and  
Summit combined) and a couple of FATTs and when I next ran at Summit I  
dropped 3+ seconds off my consistent lap times. Not that dropping 3+  
seconds would have been hard considering where I started. It was  
awesome to see that, and in that same race I set a personal best that  
was about half a second lower than than my consistent times. But it  
cost me a chunk of money considering the towing required to get to  
Summit, and the inevitable hotel stays.

I have since stepped back into "racing is fun mode" and I enjoy when  
I'm on track. Last fall at VIR I "raced" with a driver in a low-buck U- 
boat, aka a ITB VW Jetta. I had a blast! He could motor me on the  
straights but I would inevitably be on his bumper in the corners.  
Every lap for 5 laps I'd fly past him coming out of turn 10 headed  
into Oak Tree, only to have him motor me about half way to station 12  
on the back straight. After the 5th time I did that he started to  
motor me, then backed out and let me lead. I started pulling him every  
lap but he was able to hang close enough for 2 laps to learn  
something. My laps times? about a 2:32, about 2 seconds a lap off my  
best, and about 8 seconds a lap off the SRX7 record set by Dave Ade.

What would it take to run as fast as Dave? More time and money than I  
want to spend right now. Am I having fun? Absolutely! Will I get  
faster? Yep. Seat time does that.

Oh, and I did all of my racing last year on tires that were at least 5  
years old, and probably older, a worn out set of Hawk brake pads, and  
two new brake rotors which I replaced at VIR in October after cracking  
both in qualifying the previous day. I've got new Hawks and the tires  
are not showing cord so I'm still running them.

And finally, I would not have run as much as I did last year without  
some help from two of the absolute BEST friends and nicest guys you  
will EVER have the opportunity to meet. Al "F1" Gervais and Dave  
"Kitty" Ade. They fixed my car, without my knowledge, but with the  
help of my AWESOME wife, on Saturday night at my house in the dark  
using my weak @ss toolbox and "spare" parts, enough to get me back on  
track last year for the SARRC/MARRS Sunday race. Dave spanked me in  
the race, well duh! Al, now driving in ITS, watched from the stands at  
Oak Tree and took pictures.

SRX7 is full of a lot of kick- at ss people. Learn from them. Drink with  
them. Wash your socks in their coolers. And whatever you do, DO NOT  
let Gastro into you tent after a night of heavy drinking.

Long live cheap(?) racecars and cheaper racers!

- John
   #94 SRX7

On Mar 9, 2011, at 3:05 PM, Dave Ade wrote:

> Try not to worry about the $. You can't put a price on your first  
> win, or going door-to-door for __ laps with another driver who  
> becomes your arch-nemesis (that's when the racing gets even better).
> Hope this helps...
> -Dave

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