(MARRS-RX7) Congrats to our new licensed drivers!

Gervais, Al AGervais
Mon Mar 21 22:38:54 CET 2011

This weekend was the 3 day "all in one" WDC drivers school.  It was the second time the DC region has gone with this format, and while it was grueling at times, the school was successful, and profitable for the region.  A big congrats to Danny Matula and Frank Dam who both had their tickets punched and are Ready to Race!
                Frank was running his Miata since the Spec wasn't ready in time.  He had an interesting race on Sunday.  He moved forward on the first start, then on the second surged to the front going into T1, but looped it and was split by the field.. First to last in 10 terrifying seconds, but nothing bad happened and he was able to race well into the middle on the 3rd start.
                Danny had his school complicated when a Miata spun down the chute and didn't lock 'em down and collected him.. Lots of damage on the lone SRX in the school..  The car was never quite right after that but he pressed on admirably.  In the races yesterday, he made it to P1 on the starts, then drove the hell out of the #98 leaving the Miata guys down in T1 to wonder where the turbo was hidden in the RX.. He ran very hard and ended up 5th, definitely a moral victory for the RX-7 camp!
                Great job guys, see 'ya at the races!  -AG
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