(MARRS-RX7) Congrats to our new licensed drivers!

DANNY MATULA sga.racing
Wed Mar 23 17:37:30 CET 2011

Al is a great instructor he taught me a lot my first time out at the point.
It sucked to see ya spin so soon but we will be wheel to wheel soon. Just
remember the miatas handle a little different.

On Mar 23, 2011 7:22 AM, "Frank Smith" <ofcrfranksmith at gmail.com> wrote:

First off, thanks to Al for being one of the best instructors I've had at
the track.  That brief one second in 1st is dedicated to ya.  And my few
seconds in last is dedicated to my co-newbie Danny for his perserverance to
push through.  With the shape of his car after a very unfortunate mistake by
another newbie, most would've pegged him either for not finishing or last.
But not only did he finish but he managed to keep far away from last.
Thanks to Dave for what I assumed would've been a quick few minute call to
buy some of this stuff, but then turned into a couple hours of advice and
shop talk.  And a special thanks to Matt and Matt for welding on the Nascar
style bar and all the advice and help from the very beginning.  Would not be
here without you two!

Can't wait till MARRS 1.  Hope to meet more of the great SRX7 group.

For those who'd like a ride along for my final practice start and race for
the school, here's the youtube link

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 7:06 PM, Kevin Hutchens <kevin at designed.com> wrote:
> Um? maybe I won?t se...

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