(MARRS-RX7) Old 2005 Race video's

Brooks Hunt brookshunt
Thu Apr 18 22:22:26 CEST 2013

SpecRX7 guys, I don't post often, but over the last day or so I got around to uploading my two old rookie race video's from Labor Day 2005. Lots of bad driving by the camera car (me) but I figured some of you would enjoy the old school cast of charatcers shown; and could appreciate some true "first-timer" video.  I tried to poke-fun-of and explain a bit about myself under the desciption section of the videos.... Even if you get board of in-car video, watch the first two laps of Race 1; they're interesting/funny/scary as hell! Sorry for the poor video quality.Enjoy... Race #1 (MARRS 8)http://vimeo.com/64255749 Race #2 (MARRS 9)http://vimeo.com/64318742 Brooks 		 	   		  
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