(MARRS-RX7) brake lines

Dick Getty dickgetty
Mon Sep 23 01:18:24 CEST 2013

I did it by using an adaptor at the rear end where the '79 brake line from the front joins the brake lines on the '81-'85 third member. Saves a lot a trouble.
Most auto parts stores should have such an adaptor. If they don't, a good hydrolics (sp) shop shoud.
You will be delighted if you change all the brake hoses to stainless steel. MazdaTrix will make up a special "mixed set" for you that are DOT approved (necessary to legally run on the street and NECESSARY for personal liability purposes). Make sure you tell them what you are doing before you just order a set.
You might ask them if the '79 Master cylinder is proper for that conversion. I left the '79 in my vehicle, and have noticed no problems, however, the newer Master cylinder may have some advantages I don't know about.
Let us know, and good luck with your project. You will notice a huge difference in handling.

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  Anyone have some of the prebent brake lines for the engine bay and under the car to the rear axle for an 81-85 car?  We are trying to convert dads 79 to the later style brakes and rather than cutting and re-faring the existing lines I was hoping to find a set to sway in.   


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