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Jack Burrows rx7rainman
Mon Dec 9 19:34:45 CET 2013

Good question, John.  right off the top, the top, the divisional
Championshp Series doesn't have a direct bearing on us SRX7 folks because
we're a DC Region-based class and not recognized as a division-wide class.
 It will have a bearing (how much of one I don't know) on the overall race
organization because it could generate a few additional entries.

The NEDiv Championsip Series can be viewed as an upshot of SCCA's
replacement of national racing with the Majors. Under SCCA's plan,there are
no more "national" races; there are merely Mahjors event and regional
events.  This couples up with the replacement of the two-tiered
national/regional competition license with the single "full competition"
license and allows any driver with a competition license and a car in a
Runoffs-eligible class to enter Majors events.  This is where the
Divisional Championship Sries comes in.

The Majors are the primary path to the Runoffs, but the various divisions
can develop an alternate path.  The Northeast Division (NEDiv) opted to
develop a divisional championship series as that alternate path.  In
creating this new Divisionaol championship, NEDiv further decided to
include a divisional championship program for ALL division-wide classes
(e.g., IT, Club Ford). The series will include one race at each track and
run through the entire season.  At the end of the season, divisional
champions will be recognized in all divisionally recognized classes,
 Although the series will run throughout the season, drivers at the top end
of the points standings in Runoffs-eligible classes at the time of the
cutoff for qualification will receive an invitation to the Runoffs

I apolgize if i've made it sound more complex than it actually is.  It's
still something of a work in progress.


On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 12:40 PM, John Maslin <jhmaslin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jack,
> Thanks for the info.  Re April, what is the "NE Div Champ Series"?
> Thanks, John
> On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 7:02 PM, Jack Burrows <rx7rainman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The Region's club Racing committee met yesterday (7 December) and set the
>> MARRS schedule and weekend format for Summit Point races (except the Labor
>> Day double).
>> The schedule is:
>> April 12-13 MARRS and Northeast divisional Championship Series, Summit
>> Point
>> May 10-11 - Double MARRS/SARRC at VIR
>> June 21-22 - MARRS at Summit Point
>> July 12-13 - MARRS at Summit Point
>> August 9-10 MARRS at Pocono (possible double)
>> August 30, 31-Sept 1 - Double MARRS at Summit Point
>> October 4-5 - MARRS at Summit Point
>> All races will be single MARRS events unless otherwise noted.
>> We will continue to be in the same race group in 2014 as in 2013.  The
>> weekend schedule for Summit Point will revert to the schedule we used in
>> 2012.  This means a 15-minute qualifying session and a 10-lap race on
>> Saturday, with the fastest lap in either determining gride positions for
>> 18-lap races on Sunday.  The points structure has yet to be determined.
>>  We will also hold a single drivers school at Summit Point the weekend
>> of March 29-30.  SCCA has changed the licensing requirements so that people
>> coming into the system will only be required to successfully complete one
>> drivers school (down from two previously) and will then have to
>> successfully complete three race weekends (note that's weekends, regardless
>> of whether they're double or single events) instead of the
>> previously-required two races on a novie permit before being eligible for a
>> "Full competition" License.
>> You're probably asking what the heck a "Full competition License" is.
>>  SCCA has also done away with the two-tier competition license in club
>> racing.  So there will be no moare "antional" or "regional" licenses.
>>  Instead there will just be one single license known as a "Full competition
>> License."
>> Jack
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