(MARRS-RX7) Fwd: GSL-SE for sale in Maryland - no rust, but blown motor

Bill 77
Sat Dec 21 18:59:09 CET 2013

Race Fans, Hotrodders!

An acquaintance has a mostly rust-free brown-over-brown 84 GSL-SE for 
sale in Maryland.  No rust in the usual places like the rear suspension 
mounts.  The rear rotor is popped. I've attached a couple of pictures, I 
have more available.  He's looking for $1000 for it.  Drop me a note if 
you want more pictures or are interested in buying the car.

 From the owner:
"This was my dad?s daily driver for years, sold it about 9 years ago to 
a family friend who popped the motor after driving it for a few months ? 
it?s been sitting ever since.  When my dad owned it, the drive was 
sporty but nice.  He installed Tokico blues and stainless brake lines.  
This car has the C package, or whatever they called it back in '84 ... 
leather la-z-boy seats, power everything, cruise, etc.

Spots [surface rust - Bill] on the hood and one annoying dime size spot 
on the rear just south of the rear wiper.  Again, not major since it 
needs fresh paint anyway.  I have brand new rubber seals (doors, 
sunroof, rear hatch)."

  - Bill
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