(MARRS-RX7) Rotor question

Bill 777
Tue Mar 17 20:43:36 CET 2015

The most expensive rotors I can find are $60.  Worst-case a rotor last 
two weekends, you'll go through 10 rotors a year for $600.   Mine lasted 
longer and I was spending $20-50 per rotor on Centric and Beck/Arnley's 
(watch feeBay and craigslist!).  Some people hate B/A's, they worked for 
me.  They are on close-out now for $11.05 each.  Even if you go through 
20 of those in a season, it's only $220.

I think the re-speed kit was $200-ish without wheels, hubs, bearings, 
seals, rotors, brake lines, or calipers.  So call it $1000+ once it's 
all done if you can find cheap wheels and parts.  And nobody is going 
pay much for our then-useless $600 13" Panasports!

Kit install:

  - Bill

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