(MARRS-RX7) Rotor question

Matthew Stutt matthew
Tue Mar 17 21:26:04 CET 2015

More data points, please.  Does anyone else care to share their costs 
for tires vs. brakes?

It's been awhile since I raced one of these, but I think I was getting 
4-5 race weekends out of a set of tires.  IIRC, a set of tires was in 
the ball park of $600 dollars after paying for shaving, mounting and 

Brake rotors would last me 3-4 weekends.  I did have the fancy Mazdacomp 
backing plates and good ducting.  Pads would last marginally longer if I 
really pushed it.  My target price for rotors was $20 or less.  Back in 
'07 it wasn't at all hard to hit that target.  I don't remember what 
pads cost anymore, but I'm fairly confident a set of blues is ~$100.

Perhaps the prices are changed, but the cost of brakes never struck me 
as prohibitively expensive or otherwise out of whack.

Some miscellaneous notes on brakes while I'm thinking about:

  * Cryotreating makes no difference.  Tried it, same longevity.
  * Summit Point is very hard on brakes.  I suppose it's down to having
    two heavy braking zones so close together with little opportunity to
    cool the brakes between.
  * When you setup your cooling ducts, duct the air into the center of
    the rotor so it flows into the vanes of the vented rotor.  The
    backing plates sure do make this easy, but creative use of zip ties
    can get you close.
  * Bleed your brakes after every weekend.  Brake fluid is cheap, and
    this will ensure that you never have fade problems.
  * Regarding the above point, if you make a hawk blue fade you are
    doing something incredible.
  * The soft springs are a factor in why Spec7s are so hard on front
    brakes.  Lots of load transfer under braking.

On 3/17/15 4:11 PM, johnnythegreek58 via Spec7 wrote:
> I know spec RX7 is a spec class to save money but like someone else 
> said "I spend more money on rotors then tires". Thats true for me as well.

M. Stutt

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