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DANNY MATULA sga.racing
Wed Mar 18 01:12:12 CET 2015

As for the blues fading on me it was prior to having the ducts on and my 7
was a porky car until it went on weight reduction.  And I was working hard
on my braking techniques that day. By the time I was at the school I don't
think any of the spec miatas were braking as late as I could with the 7
witch was a lot of fun .. damn I miss that car..
On Mar 17, 2015 5:05 PM, "Matthew Stutt via Spec7" <spec7 at specrx7.com>

>  More data points, please.  Does anyone else care to share their costs for
> tires vs. brakes?
> It's been awhile since I raced one of these, but I think I was getting 4-5
> race weekends out of a set of tires.  IIRC, a set of tires was in the ball
> park of $600 dollars after paying for shaving, mounting and balancing.
> Brake rotors would last me 3-4 weekends.  I did have the fancy Mazdacomp
> backing plates and good ducting.  Pads would last marginally longer if I
> really pushed it.  My target price for rotors was $20 or less.  Back in '07
> it wasn't at all hard to hit that target.  I don't remember what pads cost
> anymore, but I'm fairly confident a set of blues is ~$100.
> Perhaps the prices are changed, but the cost of brakes never struck me as
> prohibitively expensive or otherwise out of whack.
> Some miscellaneous notes on brakes while I'm thinking about:
>    - Cryotreating makes no difference.  Tried it, same longevity.
>    - Summit Point is very hard on brakes.  I suppose it's down to having
>    two heavy braking zones so close together with little opportunity to cool
>    the brakes between.
>     - When you setup your cooling ducts, duct the air into the center of
>    the rotor so it flows into the vanes of the vented rotor.  The backing
>    plates sure do make this easy, but creative use of zip ties can get you
>    close.
>     - Bleed your brakes after every weekend.  Brake fluid is cheap, and
>    this will ensure that you never have fade problems.
>     - Regarding the above point, if you make a hawk blue fade you are
>    doing something incredible.
>    - The soft springs are a factor in why Spec7s are so hard on front
>    brakes.  Lots of load transfer under braking.
> On 3/17/15 4:11 PM, johnnythegreek58 via Spec7 wrote:
> I know spec RX7 is a spec class to save money but like someone else said
> "I spend more money on rotors then tires". Thats true for me as well.
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> M. Stutt
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