(MARRS-RX7) 2016 Class Rules

Jack Burrows rx7rainman
Tue Jan 5 21:09:09 CET 2016

At its last meeting, the Club Racing Committee approved the proposed
modifications to the Spec RX7 class rules for the 2016 season.  There
having been no subsequent issues from the stewards or SCCA by the first of
the year, I am presuming the rules are good to go.  Considering the fact
that the only modifications to the last year's rules were allowing the
removal of the windshield washer reservoir and the plastic air intake
housing snorkel, there shouldn't ave been any issues.

So the Region's 2016 Spec RX7 rules set is presumed to be approved.  The
class rules are attached, with the two modifications shown in red.

SRX7 #71
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