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Nice job Mike!

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Paddock map FYSA.

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Date: Thu, Mar 28, 2019, 7:40 PM
Subject: MARRS 1 and Paddock Map Changes

Good Evening All,

 Hopefully most of you are finishing up last minute projects this weekend
in hopes of making it to MARRS 1 next week, or perhaps you forgot, or maybe
you are just planning to come out and crew or spectate. Whatever it may be
I hope to see you next weekend!

Mostly the weekend format will be the same has it always has been but with
a small change. The qualifying race on saturday will be extended *3 LAPS *for
a total of *15 Laps*. Now you may be thinking that we may be charged more
this season but actually for the first time in a while the entry fee has
actually dropped in price and is 350.00 for the weekend. not a huge drop I
know but hey every little bit helps.

Now for the important news. Many of you may have heard through the
grapevine of some shuffling of the pre reserved paddock area, and well, its
true. The paddock map has been redrawn and I did my very best to try to
accommodate our group in the new setting. The biggest change will be the
loss of the spots previously saved for the legends cars. They have been
forcefully removed from our hands and relocated. With some thought I have
arranged for the LC paddock to be right across from the tech sheds, with
the majority of our Small bore spots being reserved near the fluid dump
stations on the main road through the paddock. You dont have to paddock in
a small bore reserved spot but they will be guaranteed to be free of other
cars that are not small bore.

*PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEW MAP!!! * If you have concerns or comments
please message me/email me/call me etc. I will be at the track thursday
night to help folks settle in.


If there are any issues through the weekend you will find me in pinto alley.


-Mike Kelley
#56 HP
<MARRS Paddock Map Mar 25 2019.pdf>

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