(MARRS-RX7) welding in additional required roll cage sections

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Leaping to assumptions here, but the current GCR Spec requires two vertical bracing bars between the horizontal bars from the front (A piller) roll cage post to the B piller behind the driver. No specific location is spelled out. Added bracing is to strengthen the driver door impact zone. As a routine, a similar addition to the right side is recommended. 

The pipe is the same spec as the roll cage material as defined in the GCR.


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> On Oct 27, 2019, at 18:33, Alex C via Spec7 <spec7 at lists.specrx7.com> wrote:

All -
As you know, my car is a bit older and needs a few of the bars added into
the roll cage in order to meet the SSCA safety requirements.

I don't mind welding, but i don't have the material or the knowledge of
where the additional bars exactly need to go (seen it, but don't know if
there are specific measurements/spacing required, etc).  Given their
importance, id much rather have someone burn them in, but not sure where to
go/best way to do this - can someone travel here (don't have the trailer
yet) or do i need to take it somewhere, etc.

Any ideas?


Alex Cumming

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