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No problem on the hood pins. That is a safety issue call on your part.

Cameras simply need a secure mount.

Beamed in from an iPhone somewhere in space.

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All -
Been working on the car, progress is going slowly.  Should be ready for
drivers school!

couple of specific questions -

Hood Pins.  I read that they are allowed in the rules, but would running 4
pins cause an issue?
My reason for the question is that the part of my hood where the hood
connects to the hinge is rusted pretty bad.  Fixing it is probably
possible but would take a bit of time and welding and Im pretty positive it
wouldn't come out right.  My idea was to use 4 pins (2 at the front of car
next to headlight, 2 near windshield) to save time and allow for the hood
to come off completely rather easily.  Would this be a problem?

Inner fender bracket/mounts. In the front of each fender there is a
"triangle type" brace that holds the front of the fender to the inside of
the car.  one of mine is in pretty good shape, the other is pretty well
shot (Ive attached a pic).  Id like to make my own - not talking something
that allows me to make the front of the car a battering ram, but something
easier to make and replace.  Is making this part an issue?

Mirrors - i know the rule book says these are free as long as they are
mounted in the stock location.  I was talking to an endurance/chump racer
buddy of mine at work who had a great idea - he and his team setup cheap
Amazon backup cameras for their side mirrors using ones that cost around
$25 or so each.  I thought it was a fantastic idea as it would allow me to
use the bottom of the stock mirror to mount the camera while placing the
small monitors where i wanted them in the car - A great idea for those of
us with halo style seats.  Putting the monitors on either side of the top
of the dash on the right / left side of the steering wheel would be great!

Again - just ideas.  trying not to break rules but be clear on items before
I do it.  Thanks!


Alex Cumming
<fender braces.jpg>

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